as of 2/25/2004

1. Custom Clamshell type long leg brace without knee joints $950.00
2. Custom Clamshell type long leg brace w/knee joints     See Big for this type of brace $1550.00
3. Custom Clamshell type short leg brace without joints $850.00
4. Custom Clamshell type short leg brace with joints  (NO Joints available at this time) $1250.00
5. Custom Fetlock to Hoof Clamshell brace $300.00
6. Fetlock Fiberglass casting kit $35.00
7. Short leg Fiberglass casting kit $45.00
8. Long leg Fiberglass casting kit $60.00
9. House call within 50 miles of Bushnell Florida  (each trip needed) $50.00
10. Trip charge outside of 50 mile range                                                             Per Mile each  way $1.00
11. Overnight fabrication charges $100.00
12. Temporary  casting at your facility $250.00
13. Us casting for the device at your facility $175.00
14. Custom made Prosthosis. See Aaron for this type of device. $3500.00

All of our products are made using composite layers and Epoxy resin that we blend here. This makes a thinner and stronger device than thermoplastics and can still be easily and quickly modified at your facility with heat or a Dremel tool. Each Brace also has a padding of 1/4" plastizote. This material helps stop pressure points from rubbing sores. Daily inspection may be required to visually check for sore spots.
The cast will remain at our facility as long as it was not destroyed during the removal process for a period of 90 days. This gives you ample time to decide if further modifications are needed.
Other quotes are available per request. All work done is with veterinarian prescription only. Please do not ask us to work on your animal without a veterinarian being involved. It is against Florida law for anyone other than a veterinarian to diagnose or treat an animal.
We also have a totally portable lab that can come to your facility. We drive our Freightliner pulling a custom built 20' trailer. It has a generator  along with all of the tools needed to complete the job                                Send us an E-Mail

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